January 19 – 23, 2022
February 2 – 6, 2022

The feeling of sailing under dancing Northern Lights with just the sound of wind and waves around you (and probably a breath or two of whales) is very difficult to describe. Such an experience stays in your heart where there are no words.

NOK 20’500 (What’s included?)

The whole trip was a truly great experience! It was awesome to go without knowing anybody, and meet a group of so lovely people. For me it was really big to experience this raw landscape, the northern light and come so close on to the whales. A great and raw experience, which I will take with me for the rest of my life!

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Northern Norway, and especially the area around Tromsø, is the epicenter for the famous Aurora Borealis, and we will sail straight into the middle of the Aurora’s stage. From Tromsø to Lyngen, Skjervøy, Ringvassøy and Reinfjord, we will visit historical fishing settlements, anchorages and small harbors free from light pollution, and sail underneath the alpine snow-covered peaks that plunge into the sea.

We will aim for the parts of these northern fjords which the herring call their winter home. These schools of small fish attract huge predators; orcas and humpback whales. As the whales come to our coast to feed, they will most easily be found where the herring are. Over the past few years, the main wintering area of the herring has moved from Tromsø to Skjervøy, but nobody knows exactly where the feeding frenzy will take place this year. Luckily we are ready to spend the necessary time at sea to get to wherever the whales and herring are!

The winter months up here in the North are characterized by the polar night, where the sun rises above the horizon only briefly each day, if at all. This is not only a good thing for catching the Aurora, but it also makes all the light we actually get during the day super beautiful. Imagine a day with three hours of continuous sunrise/sunset among some of the most stunning landscapes our beautiful coastline has to offer!

Along the way we will also have bonfires on the beach, catch our own fish for dinner, and do some hiking on land.

To be well-prepared for the Arctic winter we will use the pride of our fleet; our sturdy and comfortable 70 feet expedition yacht Valiente. The boat has enough space and privacy to make you feel at home, and sufficient power to charge all cameras and gadgets. On board Valiente everybody will find ideal spots to rest and tune into the pure and honest nature surrounding us.

Our crew onboard knows all the secret anchorages for night-skygazing, fun facts about the whales, and the folktales about the Aurora.

As with all our trips, you will get to learn how to sail along the way, and join in on all tasks onboard. Our professional skipper is no stranger to sailing in the Arctic winter and is keen to show you the ropes. Whether this is your first trip on a sailboat or you’re already an experienced seafarer, you are bound to be challenged by sailing the rough Norwegian Sea in the polar darkness! Don’t feel like spending every day out in the cold wind and snow? That’s no problem. Keeping the rest of the crew warm and happy with a hot chocolate can also be an essential task on an expedition like this.

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This program may change according to weather and sea conditions, and to where the whales are of course, but it gives an indication of how we spend the days. We’ll try our best to let you experience all that the Arctic has to offer!

Day 1: Welcome on board!

We meet in the harbor of Tromsø at 15:00. We will get to know each other and the boat. The crew will talk you through the vessel, safety routines onboard, and we will go through the program for the week. We aim to leave Tromsø that evening making way through Grøtsundet and have a beautiful view of the Lyngen Alps – bound for Skjervøy. We spend a bit of the night underway, hoping to start the trip with some northern lights!

Day 2: Set sail towards the whales and the roadless fishing village of Reinfjord

After an exciting night of Aurora-hunting and hopefully some restful sleep, we have an easy start and set sail after a good breakfast. We aim to approach the spawning grounds of the herring and may see our first whales! Later, we sail to the roadless village of Reinfjord, where they have a long history with fishing, and where we also spend the night. Maybe we will also manage to catch our own fish for dinner this afternoon?

Day 3: Whales, the Lyngen Alps and sauna night

Not possible to sail through the Alps you say? This is the day where we’ll prove you wrong, with a sail through the Lyngen Alps. This part of Norway offers spectacular fjords, sounds, and mountains where your eyes will never be satisfied and want to see more – more – more of this. After a good day of alpine sailing, hopefully with more whale sightings, we will dock at the pier of the famous Hamnes Handlested on Uløya. Here they have heated up the sauna and jacuzzi for us so all is set for a swim in the sea underneath the stars!

Day 4: The magical winter season light

The best part of this season here in the North is the shifting and always beautiful light. Even though we don’t see the sun much here in winter, the light we actually get is often like an everlasting dawn and dusk! Perfect for great pictures and landscape views. We will spend our last full day together exploring the archipelago north of Tromsø, where we aim to have a landfall, hike, and enjoy a bonfire on the beach. We anchor away from the city lights, around Ringvassøya or Kvaløysundet, for our last night – hopefully with an Aurora-show in the sky!

Day 5: Return to Tromsø, and goodbye for now

Unfortunately this is the day when you’ll pack your bags and get ready to disembark. After breakfast, we sail for a couple of hours back to Tromsø after breakfast and arrive back in Tromsø just after lunch. The trip will end at 15.00 at the latest. You will leave Valiente with your heart full of unforgettable memories and some new friends. Savour this feeling!


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